Monday, 9 August 2021

Lewes Downs


Thanks for visiting.

You can't help but notice the grass covered chalk cliffs high above Lewes beckoning you to find a footpath to the top.  There are plenty.  Following the steep Chapel Hill not far from the shops on Cliffe High Street, it's not long before you pass the golf course and are high up looking down on the town.  The hedgerows on the way up are full of flowering wildflowers to distract you from the steepness plus you can stop frequently 'to admire the views'.

Once up, the footpath veers off over the Downs with plenty more flowers to spot.

Another footpath goes off to the right past a small pond and off into the distance.

This path is heading for Glyndebourne, famous for its operas, performed on a country estate with a delicious picnic too.  They have a wind turbine on their land to offset their electricity costs.  The path continues down the hill to reach the house but as we reached the top of the hill, a thunderstorm was evident over the village of Ringmer, heading our way. Look at that sky!

It still looked dry the other way.

Time to turn around and rush off home before we get soaked!  Quiiiick!

Lewes still looks dry!

Phew!  Made it back to Waitrose before the rain arrived!



  1. Looks exactly my sort of wander, love the wild flowers and you were home in time for tea - perfect. Have a lovely week, Karen.
    Wren x

    1. Thanks Wren. Yes it's a beautiful place with so much to offer at this time of year. Enjoy your next hotel, they have all been so wonderful. x

  2. Wonderful views, you have found some lovely areas in and around Lewes. Glad you managed to keep one step ahead of the storm:)

    1. It really is a great area especially if you are on foot, mind you the sun was the icing on the cake! 😊

  3. That looks a steep walk on the way up but worth it for those views. It's always better to have the downhill walk on the way back. Glad you made it before the storm arrived.

    1. You are right there as you're always keen to see the view from the top at the start and keen to get back quickly for a cup of tea!