Friday, 30 July 2021



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 With all the restrictions of the last couple of Covid years, as soon as vaccinations were done, rain had stopped, the next dry day would be the day to try a couple of days away to make a change and recharge our batteries.  Dry would have done, 30°C is what we got and 77,000 steps over the 4 days of exploration were thoroughly enjoyed!

Lewes in East Sussex has all the prerequisites of an interesting town - a beautiful location within the Sussex Downs, plenty of history to unravel,  picturesque buildings and excellent options for local trips by train.  We'll start in the town itself, which is really hilly - it's quite a steep climb up Station Street to the main High Street.  Many pretty, independent shops line the High Street, which can also boast a castle.   There's a striking War Memorial, by Vernon March, on the brow of the hill before the road flows down the hill to another pedestrianised shopping area at Cliffe High Street, full of the more usual shops and cafés.

Let's have a look at the buildings.

Look at all those flowers in the front garden!

A chocolate shop down one of the tiny side streets, St Martins Lane, below, - closed when we visited

Another of the ancient,  parallel, narrow streets which drop steeply from the higher High Street to Southover Road.

Fitzroy House arts hub

Town Hall

Look at the variety of shapes of shop!

Even the back of the buildings are interesting!

St Michael's Church

To the left is Rotten Row, the Georgian Old Toll House in the middle of the roads.

The Fifteenth Century Bookshop

A row of houses near St Anne's Church, the oldest in Lewes

The house below was granted to Anne of Cleves by Henry VIII as part of her divorce settlement.  Currently there are problems with funding and the property and café, usually open to the public, have to remain closed for the moment.

There are plenty of antique shops to explore, including the large Flea Market

Needlemakers, which also has some craft shops and café, used to be the site of Broad's candle factory from 1820-1908, it then became a surgical needle factory, a potter's store and builders' merchants.  It was saved from demolition, with many of its original features retained including a deep well, which provided the steam to power the factory machinery.

Down at the pedestrianised shopping area, a quick stop at Bill's for some refreshments in all the heat was very welcome.  This chain of restaurants actually began life in Lewes.

The Flint Owl Bakery is another nice place for refreshments.

As is the  modern Depot, a cinema/restaurant/gallery complex.

So many photos!

There's more to come!



  1. Doesn't it look lovely with all the different buildings instead of modern, regimented premises. I enjoy seeing places around the country where I've never been.

    1. It's such a pretty place. Stand by for a few more posts but it does make such a difference to visit somewhere else after such a long time near home.

  2. I love Lewes, such a pretty place. And I love their twittens. I look forward to seeing more photos soon to jog my memory. B x

    1. My camera has almost exploded with all the interesting sights in Lewes in in all that bright sunshine too! I hope you enjoy them. x

  3. What a lovely place with so many super buildings to admire. I know I have been to Lewes but don't remember much about it except the main street so it's great to see your photos:)

    1. Isn't it so pretty especially with the hills in the background. Stand by for loads of photos, I just can't resist! 😊

  4. A lovely place to visit.
    Really enjoyed seeing your photographs.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, I'm so pleased. There's quite a few still to come! Happy Sunday.

  5. Such a charming place! Love all the beautiful shops and buildings. Thank you for sharing - I look forward to seeing more! x K

    1. It really is a pretty place with the chalk Downs looking overlooking the town. x