Thursday, 24 June 2021

Village Wander


Thanks for popping in.

Now that the cold and very wet weather has moved on, we can get out and about again.  I've kept busy transferring our family photos pre digital camera on to Google Photos and have loved seeing our youngsters grow and blossom again, remembering our holidays, Christmases and life in general, happy days.  The sun's out though so let's go for a wander!

Even this tiny space by the fence is full of colour.

This garden always wins my 'Chelsea Gold' - those delphiniums have been flowering for weeks.

This plant has squeezed through the fence to explode like a firework! Whoosh!

A philodelphus full of flower.

Chimneys resting.

Grasses high in the churchyard.

Pom pom box.

Hidden in the trees.

Shop window gazing.

Gardeners tidying, keeping everything in check.  No cricket today.

Canterbury bells, bright blue sky, a new border, daisies.  Summer is ready.



  1. Looking beautiful out there :) B x

    1. It's all doing It's best to put on a good show! x

  2. Always plenty of interest on our walks. I really could do with going through all my old photos and doing the same as you, I only recently got out the old albums and loads of photos are dropping out of them.

    1. Although we didn't take as many photos as we do now, there are still loads of them, you have to be in the mood! Wonderful to look back on those happy days though.

  3. Lovely images of flowers, gardens and shop windows. It's great fun going through old photos and remembering good times:)

    1. Yes, it's like going on holiday again to all those beautiful places with the best of company. Have a lovely weekend. 😊

  4. I enjoyed my walk with you.
    Lovely collection of photographs.

    All the best Jan