Monday, 14 June 2021

The Farm is OPEN!


Thanks for visiting.

As the weather this year has been so cold and wet, everything is a bit behind when it comes to growing produce and the local Pick-your-own farm has only just opened, a good couple of weeks later than usual.  There's been so much rain that a lake had formed outside the farmhouse, complete with ducks!

There's always so much to see. Little strawberry plants in flower.

Lacy elderflowers opening in the hedges.

Cabbages, cauliflowers and broccoli are go

Allsorts of wildflowers

Sweetcorn getting ready for later in the year.

There's still a few puddles and lots of sprinklers too.

Bird scarers bob about in the turmoil in the sky.

There are so many wonderful strawberries to chose from as nobody has realised the farm is now open!

Plenty to look forward to as well.



  1. All that lovely fresh produce, straight from the plant to your kitchen. You don't get that in the supermarkets.

  2. Glad you had first pick of the strawberries. Sadly we no longer have a strawberry farm on Jersey anymore although my garden strawberries are doing well. Hope youngest is remembering to pick them!

    1. Let's hope so, it would be a shame for them to go to waste. Your garden is just like your own personal pick your own farm! x

  3. I bet the strawberries were delicious. Strange to have both large puddles and to have to water too, such weird weather this year but at last everythng is coming on with much to look forward to:)

    1. They were delicious! I'll have to get back and pick some more! Everything looked as if it was back on track thank goodness. 😊