Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Heading for Southsea


Thanks for joining me.

An hour after arriving in Portsmouth, we've set off along the coast next to the Solent with the Isle of Wight over the other side.  There's plenty to see as Portsmouth turns into Southsea, plenty of space along the prom for everyone.

This lion on the memorial looks like it's checking the weather.

On the left hand side, the extensive recreation grounds are there for those energetic sporty types.

Hovercrafts shoot backwards and forwards to Ryde, always fun to watch near Clarence Pier, where there's a ticket office.  You can even see Queen Victoria's Osborne House on the Isle of Wight in the background!

It's very colourful near the Pyramids swimming pool with the hebes in bloom and a strange looking food outlet is all ready to serve visitors tasty snacks .

Our next treat is the spectacular rock garden, so beautiful and pristine.  You need to visit right now as it is absolutely glorious!

What could this plant be, so tall and bursting with yellow flowers?

Back by the sea, it's time to sit and take it easy before moving on again.  What a view!


Tuesday, 29 June 2021



Thanks for popping in.

The call of the sea was too strong, we just had to go!  It's been a long time.  Portsmouth has many attractions but it was to our favourite places we had to go, never mind the weather, it was now or never. Wonderful to be somewhere else, with a different view, looking for changes or things just the same since the last visit, can it really be 3 years ago. 

Forget the enormous shopping centre and the dockyard, we needed the sea, fresh salty air!

Large cruisers and ferries hovered in the docks as we walked to the coastal path, discreetly marked by a wavy, chain pattern along the pavement. 

Some changes due to covid could be seen in the eating areas.

No problem accessing our favourite café though at the Aspex Gallery for a coffee and bistort - a delicious buttery bread base with a blueberry layer with a frangipane topping.  The exhibition currently running was a video installation, here's more information.

The Spinnaker Tower pointed to some blue sky.

The sky looked very dark the way we were going though but there were plenty of different boats to see.

In the distance, Ryde on the Isle of Wight could be seen clearly though.

Having now reached the prom, we were on our way along the coast.


Monday, 28 June 2021

Meadow Flowers


Thanks for calling in.

It's really hotting up in the meadow, what an explosion of flowers there are to see and more butterflies are arriving too.

The patch of daisies seems to be expanding with a few in the field beyond that are mixed with buttercups, clover and yellow rattle.

Small trees have also been planted and these are looking more settled this year, some briars flowering, this will be a great spot in a couple of years.

I loved the black seed pods in amongst the wavering grasses.

It's thistle season too, a forest of purple spikes fill the field.  Not your usual thistles though, slender thistles with bulbous heads.

Fluffy spots of catsear stand tall.

Red clover

Purple vetch amongst the grasses

I'm not sure what this is, fluffy pink low lying flowers, I'll have to go back for a sharper photo.

I've discovered it's a hare's foot clover!

There's always something to discover!


Thursday, 24 June 2021

Village Wander


Thanks for popping in.

Now that the cold and very wet weather has moved on, we can get out and about again.  I've kept busy transferring our family photos pre digital camera on to Google Photos and have loved seeing our youngsters grow and blossom again, remembering our holidays, Christmases and life in general, happy days.  The sun's out though so let's go for a wander!

Even this tiny space by the fence is full of colour.

This garden always wins my 'Chelsea Gold' - those delphiniums have been flowering for weeks.

This plant has squeezed through the fence to explode like a firework! Whoosh!

A philodelphus full of flower.

Chimneys resting.

Grasses high in the churchyard.

Pom pom box.

Hidden in the trees.

Shop window gazing.

Gardeners tidying, keeping everything in check.  No cricket today.

Canterbury bells, bright blue sky, a new border, daisies.  Summer is ready.