Wednesday, 5 May 2021



Thanks for popping in.

The trail from Great Bedwyn continues through the picturesque village of Wilton, not to be confused with the Wilton near Salisbury which isn't really all that far away.  It has a remarkable chalk based duck pond, crystal clear water with a series of tiny bubbles escaping every now and then.  A great willow tree bows down to the water and some striking red posts gather at the opposite end of a delightful thatched cottage.

In fact there are many thatched cottages in Wilton, it's beautiful. 

Luckily, there is also a pub serving lunches outside in bijou one table marquees in the car park, all socially distanced. Sometimes, when perusing a menu, there are only a couple of dishes that speak to me.  However, I could have chosen so many dishes here, thus I can return again and again and choose something new and delicious each time.

I haven't been out much lately!

Refreshed, it was time to carry on up the hill to the next port of call.



  1. What a pretty sight, thatched cottages, a duck pond and a weeping willow trailing into the water. Your meals look delicious.

    1. It was absolutely gorgeous! Sometimes you order a salad from a pub and you get half an iceberg lettuce and half a raw onion but this salad was absolutely delicious.