Tuesday, 18 May 2021



Thanks for popping in.

It's quite a steep hill up to Farnham Castle, which makes the fact that it was closed all the more disappointing! Covid again. Never mind, we've been many times before.  There are plenty of old Farnham posts if you'd like to read them, just click on the Farnham label.

We pressed on up the hill, following the Castle walls until we reached Farnham Park and then made our way back down the hill to the town again.

I love all the old buildings and nooks and crannies.

Of course, there were some delightful flower beds and baskets everywhere  too.

These last two buildings were behind Farnham Maltings, where there are usually a number of exhibitions like Unravel, all about wool, which is on in a couple of weeks' time.  This year, some things will be online and you have to book in advance to get a timed ticket so everything can be socially distanced.   When I went a few years ago, it was a bit of a crush in the smaller rooms, so it must be quite difficult for them to make it all safe, no doubt they will though.



  1. It's a shame the castle was closed, there's always something to do or places to wander though.

  2. Farnham looks a lovely town, I hope the castle and maltings can open safely soon. It must be hard for the people who run these kind of places to work out what is best for both themselves and their visitors:)

    1. I expect they are all keen to get going again and to make some money but there we are, we'll have to see whether the Indian variant changes everything again. 😊

  3. Such a shame it was closed ...
    However, I enjoyed seeing your photographs and the flower bed does look beautiful.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan. The flower bed was a good combination of colours and an unusual shape, it looked so pretty and a bit different.