Monday, 29 March 2021



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Off on another walk, thick coat and gloves back on, I was in for a surprise!  After a year of Lockdowns, there aren't that many surprises left on local walks, so this was a treat!  

There was the blossom, leaves and flowers near the church, just as you'd expect at this time of year.

Colourful window displays have started to appear in some of the still-closed shops.  Our village is having a Colour Trail from 6th April to raise money for local charities like the food bank.  Maps are £2 and the trail will give everyone a bit of colourful fun and plenty of exercise following the disappearance of all those chocolate Easter eggs.

A kite was swooshing up and down above the park to gales of laughter on the ground.

But, by the now non-existant Post Office, something unexpected had happened to the postbox - it was wearing a crocheted rainbow hat, made by the Barkham Hookers hoping to raise money for charity.

The next postbox, a few streets away, was fully equipped with a group of cavemen! Ha!  Isn't that great!

I have my eyes peeled for more now.


Friday, 26 March 2021

Five Outside


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We are moving through March at speed.  This weekend the clocks Spring forward one hour and then Monday brings the next relaxation of covid restrictions.   Although the number of coronavirus cases seem to have stabilised in the 5,000's each day, there doesn't seem to have been a great increase in cases following children returning to school and in the hospitals, the number of people on ventilators and deaths are still decreasing, following the excellent take up of vaccinations.  Let's hope this all continues positively once everyone is out and about mixing with others from next week so that after 12th April, we can all get a haircut!

It is still very quiet in our neck of the woods, here's my five.

1. Following our building work, we've had to move back all the pots onto the patio and try to distinguish the weeds from the wanted.  A lot of last year's antirrhinums and sweet william look as if they are still viable.  We have a group of mystery pots which we'll leave for a while and see what happens.  Jo's tulips have started flowering again.

2. Walking locally, there's plenty to enjoy,  even a surprise pheasant.  

3.  The shops and pubs have some colourful planters making the place cheerful, even though many are closed.  Our Council have always done a brilliant job with their flower displays.

4.  Back in the garden, seeds have been planted, let's hope they all germinate. These are all flowers, the tomatoes, chillies and veg are yet to be done.  Potatoes are chitting on the windowsill. 

5.  Mr CK's Christmas fig has some beautiful leaves.  I love the way they twist and turn in the sun.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, 22 March 2021



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This weekend marked the first day of Spring (or Autumn if you are in the Southern Hemisphere). Saturday's official start time at the Vernal Equinox, when day and night are of equal length, occurred at 9:37, which coincidentally is exactly the time that I am writing this!  Could it be a sign?!

Let's check the local area for signs of warmer, brighter days.

Amazingly, that large tree in the collage has a fantastic surprise around it's base - a sea of violets!  You'd never know from a distance.  I wonder how many people spot them on their busy commute to the village.

An enormous bee balances on a tiny gorse flower.

Small explosions are taking place all over.

Simpson clouds drift happily about.

Yes, Spring is definitely doing its thing.


Friday, 19 March 2021

Five in Mid March


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It's been a busy couple of months at home, we've been in a bit of a muddle moving furniture around whilst a few alterations were made. I've even had to squash my daily zumba into a smaller room but have managed to keep going without knocking everything off the shelf and Mr CK managed to find somewhere to lurk while I was in full swing! I haven't been able to get out for many walks but I still have a blogpost full of flowers, which I hope you'll enjoy.

1.  You may remember that our youngest organised for a Bloom & Wild bouquet to arrive every month for 6 months, an excellent Christmas present, which has really cheered me up during the Lockdown, whilst I'm not able to see him.  Mother's Day coincided with bouquet number 4, how thrilling.  It's called The Nova.  Beautiful blue hyacinths mix with white tulips and white narcissi.  Oh the perfume!  As the tulips come with their bulbs attached, I have learnt to put them separately in a longer vase as they continue to grow and soon speed past the other flowers.

2. After waiting for a text from the GP Surgery to be able to book in for a covid vaccination, finally my number came up.  The NHS website only had appointments in Slough or Reading Madjeski Stadium, so the more local sports centre the GP Surgery could provide was so much easier to get to.  Typically, the European disquiet about the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine coincided with my jab, the very vaccine I found I was going to have.  I didn't quibble though, my arm was duly jabbed and I feel a little safer from such an awful illness that has caused so much pain this year.  I have had some side effects though - tiredness, muscle aches, a slight fever, headache - all quite common and hopefully not long lasting.

3.  Imagine my surprise when, the day after my Mother's Day flowers arrived, another Bloom & Wild bouquet popped through the letterbox!  The same young man had sent another!  What a hoot!  This pink one is called The Zhen.  There are two-tone roses, stock, limonium,dianthus, alstromeria, snapdragon and sweet William.  Aren't they gorgeous.  I haven't got to the bottom of whether this is Bouquet 5 or a random one sent for sheer exuberance! 

I loved my Mother's Day four way chat on Messenger too, wonderful to see the gang back together again.

4. Finally our building work is complete, walls and paths done followed by a week of a few windows and doors.  Then it's been paint, paint, paint to spruce up the living room.  We're pleased with the results, although it's taken a while to get used to the new coloured door and to get the hang of getting in and out of the house!  Changing the curtains is next on the list, I'd rather not have any during the day but there needs to be something there at night, hmm.

5.  We have a better view of the garden now,  with the Spring flowers opening up in the sunshine.

Have a great weekend.



Would you believe it!  Another bouquet has just arrived from the same dear person!

What an exciting week!