Friday, 26 February 2021

Five with my Fingers Crossed


Thanks for visiting, lovely to see you.

As we reach another Friday in Lockdown, we are moving towards an open door as the vaccinations continue to be given out, all the statistics are going in the right direction and the sun is shining.  This week, the builders have had better weather for their bricklaying and we can see an end in sight.  Here's what else has been going on.

1.  My colourful crochet project has been continuing apace with all the motifs finished apart from those in the photo which need a few more rounds.  I've had to order a couple of extra balls of wool to finish them and am waiting for the postman to squish them through the letterbox.  Considering that I'm using totally the wrong colours from a different yarn pack, I've been pleased how the whole thing has come together.  There are two borders to do when the project is joined together.

2. This anemone jumped out at me on my walk.

3.  The sky has been fantastic, from shimmering silver to crimson clouds.

4.  This week I've been thinking about these two, one would have been 95 and one is  slightly younger!

5. Another walk, keeping up the exercise, to a new development shows that the community hub is nearly complete.  I will be looking out for a café there at some point.

I hope your week has gone well and look forward to hearing your news.


Wednesday, 24 February 2021



Thanks for visiting.

What a beautiful sunny day!  It's so much easier to get that vital exercise when it's warm and dry.

Camellia buds were bursting. 

Now what does this grass remind me of?  Oh yes, my hair!!  Only another couple of months till 12th April when all the hairdressers will be open again!

I loved the shadow trees on the lawn.

Crocuses, like baby birds with their beaks begging for bugs, soaked up the sun.

Back home, the sun streams through the window on my bouquet . . .


. . . and the hyacinth and grape hyacinth bulbs from Lidls.


Friday, 19 February 2021

Sending a Really Big Hug


Thanks for popping in.

It has reached that time of the month when another letterbox flower bouquet has arrived, how I look forward to it.  This is the third seasonal bouquet from our youngest, organised at Christmas and is called Amelie.  With the buttercup yellow roses contrasted against mauve snapdragon, freesias, September and limonium, there's a more Spring like freshness to the flowers.   They are just starting to open up and are looking fantastic. 

As I opened the box, there was a card sending us a really big hug, just what we needed so I send that hug on to you virtually as you share a glimpse of the blooms.

Sticking with a flowery theme, the local garden centre had a few treats to admire when we visited their food department this week, which is being doubled in size.

At home, the builders are still busy.  I didn't think it would take so long but they are doing a thorough job which is the main thing.  There's still quite a lot to do.

It's just as well I have my crochet with its woodland colours to keep me going as the actual woodland has been rather dreary without the sunshine.  At least it's much warmer and it should be a lovely weekend.  There are the odd one or two daffodils out in the gardens nearby.

The covid vaccinations are rolling out very quickly and on Monday we'll hear about a road map out of Lockdown which will give us all something to look forward to.

Do enjoy your weekend and see you again soon.


Friday, 12 February 2021

Five on a Freezing February Friday


Thanks for popping in.

How have you been this week?  Hasn't it been freezing - even down to -23°C in Scotland, brrr!  Looking on the brightside, I don't live in Scotland, although a trip there would be marvellous when it's warmer.  It all seems just a pipe dream at the moment.  This week, though, we did go out in the car, I felt quite giddy!  Here's my five.

1. Watching the sun set has been wonderful from the warmth of the living room.  Once the sky is dark, I have been meaning to count the stars within the rectangle formed by the four corner stars of the Orion Constellation for Star Count, here's a link if you would like to join in until to 14th February.  Orion is so easily spotted due to the three horizontal stars forming Orion's belt.  The larger the number of stars seen, the less light pollution in your area. There's an interactive map showing the 2020 results.

Those black spots are birds

2.  Our exciting trip out in the car (5 miles up the road) was to get a vaccination for Mr CK hooray!  I think they must be progressing well through the categories in this area as he is in category 5.  Everything was well organised and efficient, I did feel sorry for the volunteer car park attendants standing in the cold.  I have to wait until another 20 million people have had their jabs until it's my turn. While waiting for patient, I walked over to have a look at a large pigeon outside an office block. Whatever next.

3. There are quite a few frozen areas in the Moor over the back, spotted on our refreshing walks.

4.  Building work has been pretty non existent understandably.  The builders have turned up, had a couple of cups of tea in the garage and then gone off again.  It's no good laying bricks if it's freezing.

5. Crocheting and reading - finally, I've got to The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton.  I'm glad I watched the TV series first as it has made me more observant to the mysterious things that are happening in the book which will no doubt be dealt with later.

❤ Have a great weekend. ❤


Wednesday, 10 February 2021

Snowy Walk


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Gentle, floaty snow is the order of the day today, not so cold as the day before and even a touch of welcome sunshine.  Taking a different route back from the shops, my walk provided a different view of the footpaths with a sprinkling of snow on them. 

The snow was quite granular and powdery.

Some areas were still frozen, a welcome break from all that mud we've got used to recently.

Will that be the end of the snow?  We'll have to see.