Tuesday, 31 March 2020



Thanks for popping in.

There's still a lot of sorting and tidying going on here, there's plenty of time for it although the pile of things ready to go to the charity shops is getting rather huge and they are, of course, closed.  I am wondering whether they will still want items when they eventually open again with all the virus germs about.

Amongst all the bits and pieces, I've come across some knitting patterns.  Look at the fashions, sadly there aren't any dates on them.

There might be a few more hairstyles like this soon.

This one's from 1959, you don't see that many pipes around now, do you.

How about making a cushion, this was kept from a magazine.

Or some cross stitch.

That'll keep you busy!


Monday, 30 March 2020

The Buildings of Futuroscope


Thanks for popping in.

Did you remember to put your clocks forward this weekend?  I'd totally forgotten about that with the craziness that's going on!

Let's get out and about virtually and make a visit to Futurescope, a Park near Poitiers in France, now 30 years old.  Not only is it a leisure destination but also an enterprise zone and training hub.  I have a feeling I might have told you about this on the blog before but can't find it so do forgive me if you remember a post!

In each of these unusual buildings, a movie is shown ranging from 3D films, on giant, flat, spherical screens, dynamic cinema, virtal pictures, rides and more.  With different films available, there's always something new to see.  I remember watching a film about monarch butterflies shown on a tall, giant screen, they were flying everywhere.  Another action film had us in a car tearing through the streets as our chairs swerved and rattled along, we felt every bump and turn in the road..

The design of the pavilions was led by Architect Denis Laming. Let's have a look at them.

Of course, the Park is closed at the moment like all the others due to covid-19.


Friday, 27 March 2020

Five at the End of March


Thanks for popping in.

That's another week done in this new stay-at-home world, one week closer to being back to normal.  I hope you are all well and managing.  My week has been like this.

1. Shopping is taking a bit longer than usual with the shelves still empty but between the two local shops, I'm able to get most things but still no toilet rolls.  After Mother's Day, there were a large number of bouquets left over as people weren't able to visit their Mums, I just had to rescue one and find it a home.

2. Two visits by friends, one who usually cuts my hair, had to be cancelled but we had a nice chat on the phone instead.  I had to cut my own hair - eek! - it'll grow.  It's no good leaving it as I'd turn into a dandelion clock!

3.  Miss CK sent me a link to this flower animation which is rather lovely.

4.  The blanket is nearly done, just two more rounds to finish the border.  Don't worry if you think I'll have nothing to do, as I've ordered another bag of wool, which is sitting in isolation waiting for any germs to go!

It needs a bit of a stretch.

The back as well as the front!

5.  Website browsing takes up time.  The Riijks Museum in Amsterdam is a beautiful building, renovated recently and worth a look around.  Luckily we can do that online, follow this link.  There are 8 museum views where you can wander, not forgetting to look up at the ceiling, it must be wonderful to visit in person.  Of course, there are many famous paintings to see too, from Vincent van Gogh to Vermeer and everything in between.  A great website, well done and easy to use.

At the moment with the World's Museums and Galleries closed, they have time to send artwork bouquets to each other to spread a little joy, have a look here.

That's it for this week, have a good weekend.


Thursday, 26 March 2020

Round the Block


Thanks for visiting.

While I can, until we have to stop, I'm enjoying my daily round the block walk in the sun.  The hum of lawnmowers have started up but it's mainly the singing of the birds, full of Spring, that fills the air.  I only saw two people with dogs today and dutifully crossed the road to pass them.

Let's have a look at what's out when the humans are in!

Pink primulas

Blue grape hyacinths

Yellow cellandine








Definitely worth a quick stroll to see nature at it's best.


Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Tulip Time


Thanks for popping in.

I'm delighted that our garden has responded well to all the rain, putting on a good show of daffodils,  hyacinths and tulips, these are tulips from previous years all squished into a large pot.  There was a time when we couldn't grow them as deer from the nearby heath would seek them out as a gourmet snack and before you knew it, the bud you had been anticipating turning into a gorgeous bloom, had been guzzled.  

I also think back to a trip to Holland at this time of year remembering the stripy tulip fields giving a glorious display. 

Fancy being a tulip farmer!  What a job to have!