Thursday, 19 September 2019

Garden Mosaics


Thanks for popping in.

It's time to take stock of the garden after all that gallavanting up North!  We've had some welcome sun and warmth and despite an early cold snap and not a lot of rain, everything has come up trumps to put on a great show.

The heathers have been so colourful and the best they've ever been.

My boxes of wildflower seeds produced a succession of calendula amongst a variety of wilder options.

Look at all the colour, what a wonderful time of year!



  1. Lovely mosaics. There sems to be a lot of berries about this year)

  2. Lots of colour from the flowers, leaves and berries in your mosaics. I really should try growing heathers since there's a lot of it in this area and the soil should be suitable. At the moment we've been continuing with the seed sowing to keep the salad box going, propagating from original plants and making plans for bulb planting for next Spring. However, enjoying what we have in the garden as long as the plants are in flower.

  3. Stunning mosaics such a wonderful array of colour.