Friday, 30 August 2019

A Cathedral, An Abbey, a Minster, a Pump Room and a Viaduct


Thanks calling in.

For my five this week, I'm pleased to show you a Cathedral, an Abbey, a Minster a Pump Room and a Viaduct from the North of England, all incredible buildings.

1. Ripon Cathedral

I haven't been inside but if you follow this link there is a gallery of photos from Wikipedia.  It looks beautiful.

2. Fountains Abbey and Studley Water Gardens is under the management of the National Trust.  It was founded by 13 Benedictine Monks in 1132 and closed under the orders of King Henry VIII with the Dissolution of the Monasteries Act in 1539.  The ruins are a perfect spot to wander around and are enhanced by the 18th Century Studley Water Gardens.

3. York Minster is seen here from the City Wall.

Here's a link to see the inside.

You will note that cathedrals are generally too big to fit into a photo!

4.  Not a cathedral but whilst we're passing Harrogate, here's the Pump Room Museum where the famous curing Spring Water used to be taken by 15,000 people each Summer at the height of its popularity. 

5.  To finish off my five for this week, here's the beautiful viaduct at Knaresborough.  It was very much frowned upon as an eyesore when it was built but how glorious it looks now. 

Wishing you all a great weekend.


Thursday, 29 August 2019



Thanks for popping in.

Bracknell shopping centre has been invaded by a Tyrannosaurus Rex!  Eeek!  It gave me quite a stir as I headed for M&S.  Luckily it was tethered by what looked like a piece of tinsel.

The Council are so good at providing the children with something fun to enjoy over the Summer holidays.

Every now and then a great ROAR would echo round the shops.  The man in Whittards opposite said, resignedly, that there was only one more week to go.  It was not just the ROAR but all the shrieks of delight and even fear and tears from the smaller shoppers. 

By the time you read this post, calm will have been restored.


Wednesday, 28 August 2019



Thanks for popping in.

Whilst looking through my old photos for cathedrals, I came across beautiful Ludlow where we spent a wonderful holiday way back in the Autumn of 2010.  We always said we'd go back but haven't done so yet.  

Ludlow is a market town in Shropshie near the confluence of the rivers Corve and Teme with the Clee Hills nearby.

Not only does Ludlow have the beautiful St Laurence's Church - climbing the tower gives the most fantastic views over the town and countryside - but also 11th Century Ludlow Castle and the town is full of beautiful black and white timber-framed Tudor buildings.

We stayed in a new bed and breakfast linked to the De Greys Tea Room - it was so well decorated and the breakfast was delicious but sadly I understand it has changed hands since then.

Prince Arthur, King Henry VIII's elder brother spent his honeymoon following his marriage to Catherine of Aragon at Ludlow Castle and sadly died there shortly afterwards.

The town has a good reputation for excellent food and  drink demonstrated by the excellent selection of restaurants and the festivals that take place there not to mention the Market.

When you've eaten your fill of local produce, there's plenty of scope for a good hike to walk off those calories!

Ludlow in the Autumn is definitely something to behold.