Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Salutation Hotel and Lutyens Gardens


Thanks for calling in.

Our last port of call in Sandwich is The Salutation, now a boutique hotel and restaurant.  It was built in 1912 by Sir Edwin Lutyens on the site of a market garden and pub, which is how it got its name, for three wealthy brothers.  It was the first building to be granted Grade I listing.

Our lunch there was delicious, particularly my lemon tart with the thinnest, crispiest brûlée top and the lemonyist ice cream and crumb.

There's a cafe and shop selling unusual plants that have been nurtured in the garden.  It is the gardens, designed by Lutyens himself, that are absolutely wonderful with a surprise round every corner.  As you snake round, the plants not only look great in their flowerbed but blend in with others across the garden.  It was such a bright day, photos were difficult, but it was totally full of colour.

This was a stunning area with lavender surrounding pink roses under the sculptured  holm oaks.

A remarkable place and well worth a visit.  Their Afternoon Teas sound really tempting . . .



  1. What a wonderful place to stop for lunch.

    1. Oh it was wonderful and would be a fantastic place to stay, if somewhat pricey!

  2. How beautiful the gardens are such a delight to see. Your lunch looks lovely too and very tasty:)

    1. It was a bit too bright for the photos really but a beautiful, beautiful garden full of unusual plants which you could buy in the shop. 😊