Monday, 22 July 2019

Richmond Park


Thanks for popping in.

There are beautiful views from Richmond Hill over Petersham meadows down to the River Thames and over the trees to Hampton Court, Ham, Strawberry Hill and beyond.  Terrace Walk overlooking Terrace Gardens has plenty of seats to admire the plants.

The recently restored Anglo-Japanese Nightwatchman's hut on Terrace Walk is 130 years old and is where they were able to keep an eye on the park overnight.

Only a few steps further on is the entrance to Richmond Park, a huge Royal Park famous for its deer roaming wild.

Not far into the Park is Pembroke Lodge, an excellent spot for a cuppa!  Walking along the path to the café, you pass some beautiful gardens.  The first was crammed full with wildflowers buzzing with bees, surrounded by colourful borders.

This bench was a memorial to Ian Durie who, with his family, loved visiting the Park.  You can listen to his track Reasons to be Cheerful there.

Still being up high, the magnificent view can still be enjoyed even whilst drinking some peppermint tea with a cherry scone.



  1. Such beautiful views and all those wildflowers, simply wonderful.

  2. What a lovely walk - I'm happy to have stopped by to enjoy the view (and cherry scone!)

  3. How wonderful it all looks, such a lovely walk with tea and a scone at the end of it:)

    1. It's much prettier than in my photos, you just can't do views justice with the camera. 😊

  4. You took us on a wonderful tour, such beauty it was a joy.