Monday, 15 July 2019

Butterflies and Wildflowers


Thanks for flying in.

What a year!  The meadows near here have been stunning, you might have noticed I keep posting about them!  I've had a bit more luck with my  butterfly photos, perseverance and sunny days have done the trick, oh and not getting too excited and wobbly when trying to focus.  I've had to do a bit of searching online to be able to name these beauties and hopefully I've come up with the correct ones, do let me know if I've gone off-piste.

A bee on tufted vetch


Meadow Brown on maybe wild carrot, not sure.

Marbled White butterfly on red clover

Ringlet butterfly

Painted lady butterfly, if only I'd been round the other side.

A Silver-washed fritilliary as above surprised us all by flying into the house!  I chased it all afternoon to see whether it had the silver streaks on its underside and it did.

The wildflower meadow, packed full with life.

Purple loosestrife


More tufted vetch and another bee


Red campion
St John's wort and mallow


Flowering rush bareroot

Purple vetch

Lesser knapweed

Swans - but you knew that didn't you!
Even in the town centre, the Council has looked after the wild spaces and look what I found.

Pyramidal orchid

Common Spotted orchid

Happy spotting!



  1. Wonderful photos, you've seen more butterflies this year in your area that we have here. Did you watch Gardener's World on Friday? A whole hour dedicated to meadows:)

    1. Yes I did and I thought of you and your Trentham Gardens. Wasn't it wonderful, absolutely gorgeous. 😊

  2. Wonderful photos. You do need a lot of patience and perseverance to take wildlife photos.

    1. You do especially when it's sunny as butterflies just don't sit still! Great fun though.

  3. Fabulous captures, I really envy you all the different butterfly species you have. Gorgeous wildflowers too. Just watched the Gardeners world special about planting wild flowers, well worth watching. B x

    1. It's certainly been a good year for butterflies, I don't remember having seen so many in one place before. Gardeners World was just wonderful, I loved every minute. x

  4. What a wonderful array of beautiful wildflowers and butterflies...flora and fauna, a true delight.

    1. It's been such a good year for all these beautiful creatures.

  5. What a variety of butterflies attracted to the wildflowers you saw in the meadow! Well done for photographing them. I believe many councils have been leaving grassy areas to grow long as a policy and sowing wildflower seeds to encourage wild life. How wonderful to see wild orchids in urban areas!

    1. It's certainly been a real treat for me to see these beautiful areas thriving, such a good year for them too, maybe it's all the sun we've been having.