Friday, 28 June 2019

Five June Mosaics


Thanks for popping in.

It's Friday once again. Here's five mosaics of my week.

1.  Before the rain - a local walk looking at the garden plants.

2. Ladies Day at Ascot at a friend's garden party.

3.  Grass court tennis season - exciting matches for the Brits at Queens and Eastbourne. Konta, Lopez - winning both Singles and Doubles Finals with Murray - hours and hours of tennis, Edmund, Evans, Murray, Norrie and Salisbury.  Wimbledon next week. 😊

4. After the rain at South Hill Park.

5.  Inside SHP admiring the Annual Student Open. 

Have a great weekend.


Thursday, 27 June 2019

Margate Sunset


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To end our trip to Margate, here's the sunset at 9:15 pm as people stood around watching the sun settle into the sea.


Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Shell Grotto


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Today we'll be looking at Margate's Grade I listed Shell Grotto which was discovered in 1835.  Absolutely nothing is known about its construction but there are 4.6 million shells over its 104 ft length.

You enter underneath a shop  quite a way inland from the sea in a place you just wouldn't expect.  Walking down through the chalk tunnel  you enter the Rotunda, a circular path, go under a dome to the serpentine passage until you reach the altar chamber.  Let's have a look.

It's been open to the public from 1838 and lit by gas lamps so much of the decoration is somewhat dark.  In the museum room a modern reproduction shows what it could have looked like when new.

Hundreds of hours of work has gone into this grotto, it's very impressive.  Such a mystery.


Tuesday, 25 June 2019



Thanks for popping in.

The fun fair is a popular seaside attraction which Margate provided from the 1880 s at the height of its popularity as a seaside destination.   By 1920 the area was given the name Dreamland and acquired a scenic railway wooden rollercoaster, Grade II listed.  After many exciting times, Dreamland fell into decline, closing in 2005 but happily twelve years later it has been refurbished, updated, relaunched twice and is open once again.

It's a vast site, hardly visible from the seafront.  It's free to enter and look around plus there's a cinema and ballroom, music events and festivals.

With all the rides tucked away from the beach yet easily accessible seems to offer the best of both worlds.  Plenty for everyone, even the more adventurous!


Monday, 24 June 2019

Botany Bay


Thanks for visiting the blog, it's always nice to know you are there.

There's lots of scope for walking from Margate. As you can see from the map below, there's plenty of sandy bays all the way along, there's even a 32 mile Viking Coastal Trail all the way round the Thanet peninsular, the District that Margate is in, which used to be an island separated from the rest of Kent by the Watsum Channel in the 1400s.

Walpole Bay opens up first with its tidal pool.  On the cliff is the Walpole Bay Hotel which was featured in the TV series Hotel Inspector.

On to Palm Bay and the next is Botany Bay, named after the smugglers caught there in the past who were sent off to Botany Bay in Australia as punishment.  It's a glorious place to see the white chalk cliffs, stacks and caves. Lifeguards keep an eye on the bay.

Returning to Margate along the coastal path, we're back at Walpole Bay with its cafe.

Around the next corner is the deserted Cliftonville Lido, built in 1828 but closed in the 1980s however there are some moves to save the lido at the moment and it is being cleared to see what options are available.

It's an exciting site with lots of possibilities if funding can be arranged.