Thursday, 11 April 2019

Rubens House - Outside


Thanks for visiting.

Following on from my last post, we're now venturing out into the garden and courtyard of the Rubens House in Antwerp, Belgium.

Had we visited in a couple of week's time, it would have been much more colourful as the tulips were in bud and ready to go.

Entering the courtyard through the Portico seen on the right in the photo below, the carving and sculptures on the buildings can be really appreciated.

Looking across to the other side of the garden, there is the Pavilion.

Our visit was a real treat!

The front of the Rubens House



  1. It does look a real treat indeed! You're right about the tulips - just getting Insta photos of a friend who is at the tulip festival in Keukenhof and the tulips are glorious.
    Wren x

    1. How wonderful, Keukenhof is always a treat. I hear Arundel Castle is quite spectacular this year. x