Monday, 22 April 2019

Brussels - Chocolates and the Manneken-Pis


Thanks for calling in.

While we're still in a chocolatey mood on Easter Monday, how about these large chocolate Manneken-Pis figures in Brussels!  

The Manneken-Pis is a small fountain statue in the centre of the City that used to play an essential part in distributing water from the 15th Century and was known all over Europe.  By the 17th Century it was even more important, surviving the Bombardment of Brussels in 1695, becoming a symbol of good luck.  The City started dressing the Manneken on four special occasions through the year in the 18th Century and by the 19th, when it no longer played a part in the water system, it became an emblem of Brussels.  

Nowadays, a City employee dresses the Manneken 130 times a year, it is regularly given new outfits, perhaps by visiting dignitaries and has over 1,000 costumes!  These are on display at the Manneken-Pis Wardrobe, have a look here for a short clip.

When we visited, the Manneken looked like this in honour of the Circle of Bioengineering students of the ULB Universit√© libre de Bruxelles.  You won't be surprised that the Manneken has his own Facebook page, link here.

Not only are there lots of chocolate shops . . .

Pastry shops . . .

Muscles shops . . .

Waffles shops . . .

and shops!

A feast for the eyes and and stomach as long as you aren't trying to escape saturated fat!



  1. I've memories of visiting Belgium on a history field trip with students and walking around Brussels. We stayed in a youth hostel. Chocolate and cake displays look amazing.

    1. That must have been fun. The displays were very tempting and beautifully done. It reminded me of the Chocolat film with Juliette Binoche.