Thursday, 28 February 2019

Around Weston-Super-Mare Town


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My final post on Weston-Super-Mare will look around the town.  Bristol born Architect Hans Price was responsible for the town's development during the Victorian era.  He designed the Italianate Town Hall below . . .

. . . and the Walliscote Primary School.

The Italian Gardens provide a large space in the centre of the town and no doubt look great on a sunny Summer day when the fountains are working.  Nothing particularly out of the ordinary struck me as I walked around the shops but I wasn't really on a shopping expedition!  

Silica, below, is a 70 ft artwork by Wolfgang Buttress on Big Lamp Corner which is also a bus stop, kiosk and information point.  It is covered in 6,000 prisms to catch the light during the day and LEDs to create a display at night.

The library has moved to the Town Hall buildings looking nice and modern and well equipped.

The street artist JPS who is based in Weston has been busy around the town.

Banksy used to spend his childhood in Weston, which is not far from Bristol where he was born.  In 2015 he took over the Tropicana centre, a disused lido, on the beach and turned it into a temporary art display called Dismaland a 'sinister twist on Disneyland'.  Only open  for 36 days, it proved really popular bringing £20 million to the town.

Time to head to the station and back home.  The original Brunel station was built in 1841, the old signal box can be seen in the car park, but the current station dates from 1884.

Cheerio from Weston-Super-Mare in Winter.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Uphill Beacon


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Only a few steps away from the old Church of St Nicholas on Uphill hill, is the site of an old windmill, now turned into Uphill Beacon.  The Beacon was erected there for the Millennium celebrations in 2000 and moved into the old windmill in 2004.

Luckily you can climb up for even greater views over the countryside.

Even over to Cardiff, on the other side of the Bristol Channel!.

Helpfully, there were information boards at the top identifying  the places in the distance, including Glastonbury.

The sky was enormous!

It must be a wonderful spot when all the wildflowers are out as well.


Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Uphill the Old Church of St Nicholas on the Hill


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The old church of St Nicholas in Uphill was built around 1080 although it is on the site of previous places of worship.  In a commanding position on top of a cliff, it's surrounding site of a quarry is now an SSI Nature Reserve.

 The church itself has an unroofed nave but the tower and chancel are used occasionally as a new St Nicholas church was built down in the village in the 1840s.

There are great views from the top over the village, which I showed you in my last post, over the sea to Weston-Super-Mare and along the River Axe.

There's just a glimpse of the inside . . .

If you'd like more information on the church, you can follow this link.


Monday, 25 February 2019



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Uphill, along the beach from Weston-Super-Mare, was a real treat!  Emerging from the beach path near the boatyard, we followed the road into the village.

You get a much better view of the village if you climb up Uphill hill where the old church of St Nicholas sits, surrounded by a Nature Reserve, full of green wing orchids in May and buttercups and cowslips in the Spring.

We'll have a look at the church on Monday.


Friday, 22 February 2019

Five Again


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I'm taking a break from Weston today to round up the week with this my five.

1.  Monday's sky looked Amazing!  A roll of orange cloud with a turquoise sky.

2. Snowdrops and crocuses in Forbury Gardens.

3. A trip to Reading with the Abbey, Gaol and Town Hall looking their best. The trails in the sky look like searchlights over the prison!

4. Half Term art activities at the Museum.  Paintings by the Reading Guild of Artists to inspire the children creating a fabulous paper Tudor feast.

5.  How many times have I been to the Park by the Shops? Gazillions!  Yet it was only this week that I noticed a label on a tree and was surprised by what it said. That's Queen Victoria's Prime Minister.

Here's the tree. Quite small.

Another label, another tree!

Spot the odd one out!

Watch out, this one's coming!

Have a great weekend.