Thursday, 31 January 2019



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There's so much to investigate around Perth, Australia by walking, taking the bus or train but if you have access to a car, you can go right away, perhaps into the Darling Range and look back to see the City with different eyes.  The next few photos were taken in Lesmurdie.

Zoomed in, you can just make out the Swan River by the City.

There are some beautiful properties perched on the escarpment.

Lesmurdie Falls is the place to go to find some interesting trails around the countryside, the vegetation is different to that found down by the City, plants are quite sharp and scratchy.

The falls themselves are at their best in the Spring after the rain as are the wildflowers.

The cloud shadows constantly change the area below as they drift by.

The Cascade Trail is more shady.  Look who popped out  to see us.

It looks huge in the photo  but it was only THIS big!

Leaving Lesmurdie we headed to nearby Kalamunda which is where the 1,003.1 km Bibbulmun Track begins.  Having seen the end of it when we were down South in Albany last year,  we felt we could now tick that trail off as done!!

That would be an awful lot of steps.


Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Shadow Blanket


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My shadow blanket is gradually taking shape and I'm quite pleased to be working on it whilst it's too chilly for too much outdoor exploration.

The solid squares of treble crochet are quite straightforward to make, starting off with a magic circle and three rounds in one of nine colours from the Batik Stylecraft range.  The fourth round is partially grey and the rest cream and the fifth row is all cream.  There are 108 squares in all, 11 x 9.

Joining involves double crocheting the edges together with right sides facing to form a strip and then joining the strips together in the same way.

Square-making is so portable as they can be made on the train, bus, at the hospital - the possibilities are endless!

It's a way off from being completed yet but I'll show you the finished blanket when it's done.


Tuesday, 29 January 2019



Thanks for popping in.

There are always a few places that you'd like to revisit when you return to a town you've been to before but it's also nice to be adventurous and seek out somewhere new.  Armed with our Smartrider travel cards in Perth, Australia, we boarded the train and headed for Cannington.

Our first predicament was trying to cross the track until we discovered a tunnel underneath but we were soon heading down the road towards the Westfield Carousel shopping centre.  The next problem, following a haircut, lunch and a browse, was getting out of the centre on the other side to cross the busy Highway to reach the River Canning for a walk.  People don't seem to walk from one place to the other, they mainly seem to drive. 

Eventually we made it and within a couple of steps away from the Highway, the traffic noise disappeared and we were in the wilds near the River.

The tarmac trails were easy to find, together with an area with picnic tables, barbecues and toilet facilities. The Canning River Regional Park runs for 6 km by the river and offers plenty of scope for a mooch.

Unlike at home, you can't always see the river from the path as the trees and shrubbery are quite dense.

We were heading for the Kent Street Weir as we knew there was a cafe as well as a bus back home.  The path zigzagged around the overflow lakes to the residential areas and back again.

The Wharf Street wetlands remove nutrients from stormwater before it enters the river.

Crossing over the Kent Street Weir bridge offered a selection of more rugged paths.  It was surprising to see all the bright green grass under the native trees.

The Canning flows around a promontory as a family enjoys a beautiful spot.

A bite to eat and a cup of peppermint tea hit the spot, it's thirsty work walking in the heat, even if you are in the shade with a hat on.

There's just time to spend a little while watching the kayaks by the weir and a visit to the Eco Education Centre before hot-footing it to the bus stop.

By the way, I've never had such short hair following my haircut, perfect under a hat!


Monday, 28 January 2019

What A Difference A Week Makes


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We're off on another walk, in fact it's exactly the same walk as last Monday but instead of those bright blue skies, we're crunching through the woods with the remnants of the snow sprinkled about.

Reaching the lakes, most of them were frozen but here and there patches of defrosted water sparkled in the low sun.

The photo below shows a frozen lake at the back with the free flowing river in the foreground.

Thick frost covered the fences and outlined the dead leaves on the ground with precision.

Frozen puddles on the grass were transparent like a sheet of  forgotten glass.

Over by the bank the ducks were free to swim out.

In the middle, though, the puzzled seagulls could only stand and stare at the ice below their feet.