Friday, 14 December 2018

Guildford, Western Australia


Thanks for popping in.

One of the things that made me feel at home in Perth, is all the familiar town and street names.  Today we'll visit Guildford, not the Guildford at the end of my train line at home, but Guildford, Western Australia.

Back in 1829, Captain James Stirling was looking to establish a colony in the West of Australia and decided on the peninsula surrounded by the Rivers Swan and Helena where Guildford is today, it was the furthest point navigable on the River Swan.  

By the 1850s it had turned into a thriving market town but only four decades later in the 1890s, the railways had arrived and took over from river transport.  Perth, 12 km away, became the hub.  

Guildford is now a Heritage town with four trails to follow.  There is a colonial feel about the houses, a bit different to other suburbs.

Let's have a look around.  Here's the River Swan.

We decided to stop for lunch at Padbury's, one of the town's oldest buildings in town  and originally a store owned by Walter Padbury who was the first Mayor of Guildford.  It was built in 1869.

Suitably refreshed we headed off to Guildford Grammar School, established to run like the English Public School system but also accommodating the modern colonial culture.  The 100 acre site is beautifully landscaped on the River Swan, with many buildings including the Chapel of St Mary and St George.

It's here that the Cambridge University Society and Oxford University Society have their annual boat race.

Following the trails along the tree lined streets was a treat.

Stirling Park was particularly beautiful with its array of fabulous trees.

Crossing over the railway line, the road is lined with an array of shops and cafes with official buildings like the post office and town hall.

The Garrick Theatre

Guildford Hotel

Around the town are a number of information boards giving a glimpse into times gone by.

That's two excellent Guildfords both worth a visit!



  1. It looks like a fabulous place full of history. Just as well there are lots of shady trees as it looks very hot! B x

    1. It must have been hot but with all this cold weather at home, I'vd almost forgotten what hot means!! x

  2. Guildford looks a wonderful town, full of heritage and buildings of interest but quiet and peaceful too:)

    1. It was peaceful by our standards but quite busy. I think with it having a lot of older traditional pubs/restaurants it was quite popular for Sunday lunch. 😊

  3. Guildford, Australia looks like an interesting town with some wonderful old buildings. I enjoyed reading about how the area was first established. Also the information about the heroine Grace Bussell. She looks to have been a beauty as well as being proactive and brave. What a nice story about her and the man who came courting, Frederick Brockman!

    1. The information boards are a great idea to add colour to the area, a bit of personality to go with the older buildings.

  4. What a lovely story about Grace Bussell. Guildford looks like a wonderful town with so much history to discover.

  5. It was charming. I wish I'd had my camera with me when I went to the ladies at Padburys as the rooms at the back were really interesting!