Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Writ in Water Mark Wallinger with Studio Octopi


Thanks for calling in.

The last of the artworks at Runnymede is Writ in Water by Mark Wallinger with Studio Octopi, a building on the hillside overlooking the meadow providing a gathering space where water, sky, earth and light all come together.  Inspiration has come from Clause 39 of the Magna Carta which is written upside down along the sides of the pool, reflected in the water.

As you enter the building, you follow the walled corridor with light coming in from small holes until you reach the central area where there is a hole in the ceiling revealing a bright blue sky which is also reflected in the browny water of the pool below.  The sunlight reflected on the walls dances as the water bobbles about.

The sun was too strong to get the colours right in the photos

Birds had nested in the eaves of the building, enjoying the dark, coolness of the corridor.  It was a peaceful, reflective place and ideal on a baking hot day.

The information leaflet says 'Writ in Water takes its name form the inscription on John Keats' gravestone, which reads, 'Here lies one whose name was writ in water'.'



  1. I've really enjoyed these Runnymede posts. I saw Mark Wallinger interviewed in the tv a few weeks ago, I think it was probably the day Writ in Water was unveiled but your post is far more informative! It looks wonderful. Thank you. x