Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Lightbox


Thanks for calling in.

The Lightbox at Woking won the Art Fund Prize for Museums and Galleries way back in 2008 and has been offering some cracking exhibitions ever since in its beautiful modern building.

The current exhibitions are Picasso: Paper and Clay, Lee Miller: Picasso Portraits and The North Surrey Group of the Society of Master Craftsmen.  The Story of Woking is also held there.

There's a shop and a great café too. Let's have a look around.

There's much to tempt you in the shop, even just buying a birthday card there will help to support the Gallery.

Mike Savage's copper fish and birds in the shop
Personally I like to support them in the café!

The North Surrey exhibition featured different crafts, this particular work by Yumiko Reynolds was surprising as the majority of it was stitched.

On display in the corridor from some of the resident collections,  were this lion by Seamus Cuddihy - Scarface - cherry wood on Bahama blue granite and . . .

. . . these cakes sewn by someone in HMP Send

Outside, H. G. Wells sits in the garden whilst the gardeners, no doubt volunteers, ensure it's an enjoyable place to eat lunch.



  1. Looks a wonderful place to visit with lots of interesting exhibitions and of course a good cafe and shop always adds to the experience:)

    1. The café is also very reasonable, Mr CK thoroughly enjoyed his homemade cookie!