Thursday, 31 May 2018



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Today's post is just a feast of colour from Hobbycraft. Enjoy!

Let's get making!


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Woking Park


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Woking has a huge park, a bit of a walk from the shops.  There's plenty of space to play and sensibly, the leisure centre, swimming pool, skate park, football pitches, tennis courts, bowling green and children's play area are all located there too.

The play area has a whole bunch of animals carved into the wooden features. I couldn't help but take a few photos even though the sun wasn't shining, missing out the busy children, and wishing my own children were small enough to be there, the fun we would have had.

Isn't it lovely!

There are also a couple of ponds with yellow flag irises around, plenty of green grassy areas and rhododendrens too with large events held throughout the year like Party in the Park and Fireworks in November.


Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Lightbox


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The Lightbox at Woking won the Art Fund Prize for Museums and Galleries way back in 2008 and has been offering some cracking exhibitions ever since in its beautiful modern building.

The current exhibitions are Picasso: Paper and Clay, Lee Miller: Picasso Portraits and The North Surrey Group of the Society of Master Craftsmen.  The Story of Woking is also held there.

There's a shop and a great café too. Let's have a look around.

There's much to tempt you in the shop, even just buying a birthday card there will help to support the Gallery.

Mike Savage's copper fish and birds in the shop
Personally I like to support them in the café!

The North Surrey exhibition featured different crafts, this particular work by Yumiko Reynolds was surprising as the majority of it was stitched.

On display in the corridor from some of the resident collections,  were this lion by Seamus Cuddihy - Scarface - cherry wood on Bahama blue granite and . . .

. . . these cakes sewn by someone in HMP Send

Outside, H. G. Wells sits in the garden whilst the gardeners, no doubt volunteers, ensure it's an enjoyable place to eat lunch.


Monday, 28 May 2018



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Arriving at the station for a trip to Reading, not only had the timetable changed meaning a delay of 15 minutes but the train had been cancelled as well.  Bother! A quick change of platform saw us heading to Woking instead. 

Back in 2015, I wrote a few posts about Woking, here's one, and on our recent visit, it was quite a surprise to see the place covered in building works, yet another town that will look great when it's all finished.  Even the canal was undergoing a spot of maintenance and looked a bit murky on a cloudy day.

In contrast, the bright and airy foyer of the World Wildlife Fund Headquarters nearby in one of the greenest buildings of the UK, has wooden zones representing different environments around the world featuring films that bring nature to life.  You can just wander in and have a look with open days held from time to time where you can see more.

Woking was home to Science Fiction Author H. G. Wells who moved there in 1895, writing The War of the Worlds, the Invisible Man and  The Wheels of Chance there, taking inspiration from the town for his fictional destruction of people and places by the martians in his books.  There are a number of sculptures and other references to Wells around the town.

Dotted around the shopping centre are other pieces of public art.

The place to visit if you want more art is the Lightbox.  Here's my previous post on this great place and we'll pop in to see what's there next time.


Friday, 25 May 2018

Giveaway Surprise


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A parcel squished through the letterbox this morning, all purple and spotty.  Exciting!  I had won a prize.

Last October I read this blog post by Helen from the blog The Knitting Exploits of Josie Kitten and was very moved.  A few months later, Helen announced the Great Yarn Giveaway in order to raise more money for the British Heart Foundation in memory of her late husband.  She asked for wool-related donations from various suppliers and encouraged everyone to send a monetary donation in return for their name being entered into the Giveaway. Each prize was given a number and a recipient was chosen by a random number generator. Helen raised £8,150, here's her Justgiving page which lists all the wonderful prizes. Isn't that amazing, what a great idea.  Thank you Helen for my surprise.

What was in the parcel?

What lovely soft wool in such pretty colours. It's 100% Blue-faced Leicester wool which gives both strength and sheen as well as softness.

The Knitting Swede is a one woman business sourcing ethically produced British wool which is then hand-dyed or hand-painted.

I'm looking forward to making something special with it.  Any suggestions, warmly welcomed.


Thursday, 24 May 2018

May Mosaics


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Everywhere you go at the moment, colourful blooms are bursting out, it's such a thrill.

From our favourite West Green Gardens

to beautiful Wisley Gardens, it's just amazing.

Look at this viburnam growing in the trial gardens, absolutely covered in snowy, lacy flowers like a bridal gown.

Rhododendrens and azaleas interspersed with Japanese maples and ferns sing out.

So many alliums, stretching into the distance.

Around the corner in a leafy dell, a dinosaur roams with a suitably prehistoric bench nearby.

How about this idea for a growing pergola.

Here's a wisteria to finish off. Glorious.

With many thanks to my dear friend for such a great visit to this exceptional garden.

I'm linking this post to Riitta's Floral Bliss link-up.


Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Country Walk to Compton


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You have to make the most of a nice day, so heading off along the towpath of the River Wey Navigations, it's only four miles from Guildford to Godalming, seemed a good idea, especially with all the glorious wildflowers out.

Reaching St Catherine's Lock, we turned off hopefully to find a yellow rapeseed field only to find it was planted with a different crop this year but there were a few wisterias along the way.

Having got so far along the path, Loseley Park was just round the corner, maybe their beautiful garden might be open.  The field below was full of dandelion seed heads, it would have been a striking yellow a couple of weeks earlier.

Loseley was closed.  Their wisteria was magnificently draped over the stone wall like some exotic shawl.

We might as well press on to Compton.  Right over there was our elusive yellow rapeseed field.

Compton, the Artists' Village, is a small village where Artist G.F.W. Watts and his wife lived and worked and nowadays there is a Gallery, Studio and Memorial Chapel to visit.  I've taken you there before, look for the label Watts Gallery above if you would like to see more about it.

Although just a fleeting visit this time, you can't walk past the Chapel without popping in.

Oh, and there was just time for a quick cheese scone before catching the bus back to Guildford.

We walked miles, a grand 31,397 steps, not quite a record though.