Tuesday, 3 April 2018

The Bullring


Thanks for popping in.

We're in Birmingham at the moment.  What's the first thing you think of when you think of that City?  No doubt it's the Bullring - one of Birmingham's shopping centres.

It's amazing to think that the centre originated in the 1500's when John Cooper was given the right to bait bulls near the Church of St Martin, which had already been a market area since 1166.  

The old, congested buildings were knocked down in the early 1800's as the market traders continued to trade and in 1809 a statue of Nelson was erected there.  Although an indoor market was constructed in the 1830's, it was gutted during WW2.  

The 1960's brought a modern Brutalist Bullring shopping centre, complete with the 25 storey Rotunda.  

The iconic Selfridges building was built in 2003, designed by Future Systems in the Blobitecture style, incorporating 15,000-odd spun-aluminium discs on the outside which was part of the whole Bullring shopping centre redevelopment which is what we see today, 


Glass by Martin Donlin

Bull by Lawrence Broderick
Certainly, a very eye-catching building which perhaps has spurred on the current regeneration process.



  1. I’m certainly enjoying all your Birmingham posts. A city yet to be visited, must get there one day. B x

    1. Oh good 😊 when they've finished all the building work it will be even better! x

  2. Great photos. I quite like the Selfridges building, it's instantly recognisable:)

    1. It wasn't till I checked the dates that I found out it's newer than I thought. It is a bit crazy not really what you think a shop should look like!

  3. I haven't been into the centre of Brum for years, it looks like it could be time for a return visit!
    Wren x

    1. It'll be better when all the building work's finished. Not quite like all your exotic places but there's always something to be gained from a bit of exploring wherever you are! x