Monday, 26 March 2018

New Street Station Birmingham


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No sooner we are back from Norwich, than we've got our bags packed again and are heading for a couple of days in Birmingham.  My only contact with the city in the past has been passing through on the M6 heading North passing Spaghetti Junction in all the traffic, gasometers, cooling towers and grey skies.  Surely that can't be representational of the real Birmingham lurking down below.

We took the train.  Arriving in the light and airy space age New Street Station, which had undergone a £600 million regeneration completed in 2015, it was more reminiscent of an airport with such a huge area containing over 60 stores, including a giant John Lewis, known as Grand Central, as well as 13 platforms sending trains off in all directions around the country.

photo from The Guardian

Outside, the building is covered in slightly wavy steel which reflects the trains entering the station as well as everything else around the station.  It's fascinating! 

photo from Dezeen
A good start to our trip to Birmingham, what else was in store?


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