Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Bobbles Galore


Thanks for popping in.

Whilst I'm waiting for the final part of Janie Crow's Sunshine and Showers cal to be published, I've kept myself busy with a smaller project covered in bobbles.

I wanted the blanket to be lightweight but not have too many holes in the structure so I've used a double crochet stitch into the front loop only.  The coloured wool used for the rows with all the bobbles starts being woven in from the beginning of the row which gives at slight stripe effect and the vertical stripes are made using small balls of wool for each stripe.  The coloured stitches are made by completing the white double crochet (dc) before with the colour and completing the coloured dc with white.

The bobbles are quite easy to make - use the coloured wool to complete the dc just before the bobble, insert your hook to make a treble crochet (tr) in the next stitch but don't complete the final stage, repeat in the same stitch four more times until you have 6 stitches on your hook then draw through the white wool to complete the stitch.

There are 11 white stitches plus 1 coloured one repeated 10 times per row and 5 rows between colours, bobbles are made on the wrong side rows. You have to make sure the yarn you are not using in the bobble row stays on the wrong side of the work so that it doesn't show on the right side. I started and finished the blanket with 2 rows of bobbles across the width but then made a bobble every other section across the row between the vertical stripes.

To finish off, I did 4 rows of double crochet plus a small shell edge - 2 dc, 1htc, 1tc, 1htc, 2dc and so on. Ta da!

I've found the waiting for the next part of the cal rather annoying with it being released monthly as I haven't been able to use the wool for anything else but I decided to have a go at using two strands of wool at a time to make a pattern with the thought that I can always unravel it if I need more of those particular colours for the cal.

Hopefully I'll have my Sunshine and Showers blanket ready to share with you by about 5th April.

I hope you are getting along nicely with your projects, whatever they may be.



  1. Fabulous, I love it. I'm always at the opposite end of the scale with CALs, the pattern's usually released and finished before I'm even half way through.

    1. So glad you like it Jo. I think the current cal is so compulsive that, as soon as the next part is released, my crochet hook is whirling until I've finished! 😊