Saturday, 20 January 2018

Winter Trees


Thanks for visiting.

There's a buzz of chainsaws in the air as residents get their trees in order before the Spring.  Let's have a walk to admire the shapes of trees in Winter, branches bare.

First off is the copper beech.

Passing through the park, here's an oak, look at those twisted branches.

Side view, you can really appreciate its bark.  I wonder how many miles of branches it has and how old it is.

At the other end of the park is a pine, still covered in needles.

By the gate is a horse chestnut which drops its conkers in the Autumn for those eager to collect them.

Those blurry brown things in the front of the photo are buds ready already to burst forth.

Turning back to look at the park, the trees in the distance have blobs of mistletoe in their branches, can you make it out?

A creeper has recently been removed from this wall, leaving a ferny pattern.

Yellow flowers cover this winter jasmine hedge.

Here's a beech tree in a little copse, the floor covered in its spice papery leaves.

I'm not sure what these trees are but there used to be some larch in that area.

The red berries stand out against the silver birch trunk which looks a little worse for wear.

Butter yellow gorse is already in flower and pink berries hang on through the Winter.

Let's take a break by the lake and enjoy that fresh air.

See you soon



  1. Such beauty in all those bare branches. Just noticed my winter jasmine hedge is in flower too. Not long until all that lovely spring colour. B x

    1. It seems quite a strange plant to turn into a hedge but it works really well with the pretty yellow flowers appearing on the dry sticks. x

  2. Winter trees can be so beautiful, expecially in the late afternoon light and against blue, clear skies:)

  3. Lovely tour, I do miss seeing tree, they are sadly lacking on this Island.

    1. Is it too windy? I can't imagine not having any trees around.

  4. You look a little closer to spring than we do. Although our daffodils are coming up.

    1. Daffodils are a great sign and look so cheerful too.