Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Basildon Park Outside


Thanks for popping in.

At the back of NT Basildon Park, is a beautiful, well-manicured garden set in a landscape full of wooded hills.

Usually, cows graze on the grass  in the fields beyond the garden wall but at the moment they have bern replaced by diggers busy preparing the ground for a new heating system.  Once the work is done, it will be returned to normal.  The notice below was quite interesting explaining how the heating will work.

The roses were still doing well, enhanced by the rosehips all bobbling about in the wind.

There was an art exhibition in one of the rooms accessed through a courtyard.  This column looked interesting, especially as you could look inside.

Not quite what you'd expect. The exhibition displayed a selection of Grand Tour paintings from the collection of Sir Brinsley Ford next to furniture beloning to Lady Iliffe which complemented each other well.

The Autumn shades looked beautiful next to the golden stonework.

Heading back on to the road, who could fail to be charmed by the statues on the gate.



  1. Such a beautiful garden, loved the stonework.

    1. It is a lovely place despite all the digging at the moment.