Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Wisley Inspiration


Thanks for popping in.

Wisley Gardens, home to the RHS is full of inspiration.  Their Clore Learning Centre is a great place for getting the children involved and help them to capture the thrill of growing and nurturing.  Schools and families can learn how and where plants grow in the Teaching Garden where there are plenty of educational boards to provide all the answers to your questions.  Schools can use the facilities free of charge.

The website has quite a few suggestions of seeds to grow to help the bees as well as fun projects for children to do at home, here's a link.

Looking around the rest of the Gardens, there's a bonsai walk . . .

. . . an exotic garden, complete with little pineapples in the borders.  This is such a fantastic addition and only just opened this year.

The borders near the house are always very colourful.

You never know what you'll find in the trials field where new cultivars are given the once over.  It's a useful place to see different variants grown together to help you decide which is the right one for your garden and you can even vote as to which you prefer.

Here's a link to the other gardens you can walk around.



  1. Such a lot of inspiration in the garden and it's good that schools can use the gardens for free and that children can learn about plants and trees:)

    1. Once they build the new facilities, there will be even more learning happening which can only be a good thing.😊

  2. I've been to RHS Harlow Carr many times but I'd love to visit Wisely.

  3. I remember going to Wisley with my Mum many years ago and have some great photos taken there which I enjoy looking at. It's an inspiring place and it's good that there are educational facilities for the schoolchildren too.

    1. My Mum and Dad used to enjoy it there too, Dad was a keen gardener and would spend all his time looking after it. Happy days.