Tuesday, 12 September 2017

The Lexicon Opening Day


Thanks for popping in.

Back in July, I took you to Bracknell to see how the construction of the new Lexicon shopping centre was getting on.  Last Thursday, 7th September, it was officially opened.  Bracknell was transformed from a dated concrete complex to a shiny new place full of colour with queues of excited, happy people waiting for the doors to open.  I have never seen so many shoppers there before.  Everyone has waited so long to be proud of their town centre which has been 30 years in the making.

The countdown to the doors opening was cheerfully shouted out by a group of 150 children from local primary schools across the Borough who were surrounded by balloons and showered with gold and silver leaves.  Customers swooshed into the sparkly shops which still had the smell of paint.

I was interested to see Kerry Lemon's artwork around the place.  Large panels of wildflower silhouettes with colourful backgrounds looked brilliant.  There were two leaf-shaped seats with insects on them and gold wildflowers in the paving here and there.

Mr Doodle was there as well as some flower girls and stilt artists, even a group singing sea shanties brought a smile to passers by.

Let's have a look at the new shops.

New extension to The Bull

Princess Square is still open but many shops have new premises outside.  Bentalls has closed and will be replaced by the Deck, photo of proposed area below.

Luckily the new M&S is still producing excellent cheese scones in their cafe and has a good view over Waitrose's green roof.

Actually, there are now loads of cafes to entice you in to try out their cheese scones.

There's still space for new shops.  These interactive door coverings are filling the gap at the moment.  There is a marble run there just to the left, other coverings have sounds or things to do.  They brighten up the gaps and add to the forest theme.

Even from the bus station, the outside is looking much smarter.

I came home with a free tote bag after a most enjoyable morning.  Everyone had been in the mood for a chat, shop assistants were brimming over with joy and helpfulness, there was a sense that the wait had been worth it.



  1. It's looking good. Love the flowery panels and the leafy seat. Glad the wait was worth it :). B x

    1. People kept sitting on the seats when I was trying to take some photos, so annoying. Ha!

  2. Sounds like a good day out, I particularly enjoyed the artwork.

  3. Sounds like great fun and a great boost for the town. Love the flowery panels and that seat is wonderful:)

    1. I worry about the little insects on the seat, I hope nobody pulls them off. Hopefully everyone will enjoy shopping there.

  4. It looks so well designed, love the art panels and benches.