Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Grand Union Canal at Paddington


Thanks for popping in.

We've been to Paddington before, lots of times, but you've got to start somewhere and where better than a station with an exit on to a canal, the Paddington arm of the Grand Union Canal.  Following the signs in the station can be a bit confusing but if you head for the Hammersmith and City tube line, the exit is just up a few steps to the right before the ticket hall.

There's a lot of building going on, isn't there always, but you can cross the canal using a bridge to the right and follow it to the Paddington Basin, here's my post from last time.

Here's Thomas Heatherwick's Rolling Bridge again with Merchant Square in the distance.

We're not stopping there today but retracing our steps to the station as we are going to follow the canal the other way to Little Venice and beyond.

There's allsorts of interesting things to look at as you negotiate round the bridges, even a bubble barrier to stop algae.

The words on this display under the bridge kept changing.
This is where we are off to next time.



  1. Always a joy to join you on your little tours.

    1. Thanks. We're off for a little stroll again which will last a few posts!

  2. Haven’t been to Little Venice for years. Thanks for the visit. B x

  3. I've just looked at your previous posts about the area around Paddington. The Rolling Bridge is amazing and fun. Looking forward to seeing where you take us this time! Have a good day!

    1. Thanks for looking. Glad to have you along for the ride. 😊

  4. The bridge is wonderful, some great things to see on your walk, looking forward to more:)