Tuesday, 26 September 2017

On Show at the Park


Lovely to see you.

Despite work being carried out on the ceiling,  it was still possible to get through to the Mirror Gallery to see the latest exhibition, Shifting Boundaries.  Created by Yvette Hawkins and Judith Davies, their experiments with natural pigments and materials, ceramic, textiles and art combine to balance control with chance to push the boundaries of the materials.  It all explores the  geographical and geological boundaries between England and Scotland as well as between the two artists' work.

I rather liked the ceramic rocks on the glass which cast shadows on the textiles underneath.

In the restaurant, is Spheres - Basia Gorska's work of colourful fuzzy dots which I found rather disconcerting,  my eyes were trying to get everything in focus without success.

The set designer has been hard at work getting artistic for some upcoming shows.


Beauty and the Beast

Never a dull moment at the  P by the S.



  1. It looks like there's some interesting exhibits. A good day out.

    1. There were some beautiful tactile shapes and I always enjoy seeing the stage sets.

  2. I loved seeing the sets, particularly Beauty and the Beast one of my favourite musicals.