Wednesday, 19 July 2017

V&A Reveal


Nice to see you.

You've probably heard about the recent unveiling of the new public areas - the Exhibition Road Quarter - at the V&A Museum in London.  There's been the REVEAL Festival as well to mark the opening.  I shot over to have a look.  As ever I walked through the magnificent Hyde Park from Paddington and it's not that far at all.

Exhibition Road is always busy as there are loads of tourists checking out all the Museums but the road is quite wide and you can get a glimpse of the screen which opens onto the new courtyard as you walk down the road.  This screen was part of the original building which had been taken down in 2013 and then reinstalled at the end of the project.

As you go through the screen, the white porcelain tiles with stripes here and there, make the area bright and welcoming.  Straightaway you notice the glass fronted café, useful for passersby.  Already people were sitting on the steps and different levels enjoying the space.

Investigating the funnel shape on the right, which turns out to be an occulus skylight, reveals a shiny mirrored space with black and white moving shapes which play a part in the new  Sainsbury Gallery below.

Entering the building and heading towards the new Sainsbury Gallery, I was fascinated by the stairs.  Shiny black against the white walls.

Even better, you realise there is a second staircase across the way winding to a different location, striking red struts appear between the two and irregular shaped windows above let you have a glimpse of the glorious old building.

Unusual shapes are created by the two staircases as they twist.  A school party scooted by, one of the young girls called out enthusiastically 'I love this place.'

At the bottom is the 1,100 square metre column-free Gallery, ready for temporary exhibitions.  It has a cantilevered ceiling which allows it to reach 9 m tall at the highest point.  The Architects AL_A also had to pile down 50 m and underpin a wing of the original building whilst the Museum stayed open to the public.

The light coming through these skylights was being influenced by the weather above creating kaleidoscopic patterns on the floor.

Back up the stairs, which set to choose?

Heading past the café, no time to stop

Outside, look at those hydrangeas!

Great place.



  1. How wonderful! I was saying to Hubby that we need to go to the V&A not having been for years and now we need to go even more as there are new things to see and explore!

    1. Oh yes, do go, there was such a Buzz about the place.

  2. Love the V and A. Will have to pop back for a visit soon as that new space looks so inviting. B x

    1. I expect there'll be all sorts of events happening now they've got so much room. x

  3. This is an amazing place! THank you for the personal guided tour! :)

  4. It looks great! I don't think I've ever been. Will have to rectify that x

    1. You'll have to go, there's so much to see which I've just ignored today being too interested in the building. x