Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Design Museum


Thanks for calling in.

The Design Museum in London has moved from its site near the Thames to where the Commonwealth Institute used to be in Kensington near Holland Park.  It's been open a while now but I've finally been to visit to admire the £80 million building.

Right next to the gates of Holland Park, the entrance leads you to the revamped 1960s building, the interior transformed by Architect John Pawson.

Head of Invention by Eduardo Paolozzi greets you in the grounds.

Inside the building, the enormous, spectacular space opens before you.  Looking up, the huge concrete slab leads to spines on the ceiling and combined with the lighting, makes it look like a sunburst, very apt for a museum of ideas.

I liked the way the stairs for the different floors didn't connect together.  The first flight is padded in the centre so you can sit and enjoy the vast space.

Right at the top, is the free permanent collection in the Designer Maker User section featuring items from the 20th/21st Century, some of which will be very familiar and ring lots of bells.

There's a crowd sourced wall of 200 objects gathered from 500 individuals who nominated their most important objects.

With plenty of space for temporary exhibitions in two galleries, a restaurant, café and shop its a great space with Holland Park right next door as well.



  1. Once again you took us on a wonderful tour.

    1. There are lots of tours at the moment!

  2. I remember visiting the Commonwealth Institute many years ago on the way back from the Cat Show. I didn't know the Design Museum had moved to those buildings, it all looks wonderful:)

    1. It does look great, they moved from a site on the river but now they are a bit nearer to the other museums in Exhibition Road.