Monday, 31 July 2017



Thanks for visiting.

My crochet squares are all joined together now, I thought you might like to see it pinned to the floor to give it a Jolly Good Stretch.

Sorry about the lighting, it's a bit dark in there!  I'm very pleased with it even though the speckled wool seems to hide the stitches.  There's a frilly edge around the edge - one row treble and another worked on the wrong side of three trebles and two slip-stitches repeated all the way round.

It will be winging its way to our youngest son who put in a request to find it a home which I am delighted about.

Now I have an excuse to set to and make another one.  Which colours though . . . . ?



  1. Fantastic! Love the colours, I can see why your son wanted to claim it. Enjoy the next one!!

  2. It's lovely. Well done you. And so nice to know a family member will cherish it x