Sunday, 4 June 2017

Yanchep National Park and the North Perth Suburbs


Thanks for popping in.

We're off to the North Perth suburbs where a huge number of new houses are being built in named strips stretching from the Freeway and railway to the sea.  Each suburb has its own shopping mall with super markets Coles, IGA, Target and Woolworths as well as restaurants and smaller shops.  Schools, playgrounds and community parks and barbecue areas are provided with different signature styling, all modern, clean and shiny.

Butler station about three quarters of an hour from the city centre

Low lying buildings and wide roads, many named after British towns

Lake and park area

A different suburb

Yet another

And another, all slightly different in layout 
The National Park nearby is Yanchep, offering several trails of various lengths. We chose to walk around Loch McNess taking in the wetland wildlife and plants.

Whilst enjoying a cup of tea at the old Yanchep Inn, out popped a couple of kangaroos from the nearby bushes.

Although koalas are not native to Western Australia, the koala boardwalk in the Park, gave us the opportunity to try and spot them in the trees, all so well camouflaged and sleepy. The colony has been there since 1938.

With the hope of spotting some black swans we left the park heading for two enormous lakes - Lake Monger and Lake Herdsman, but although there was plenty to see, the black swans remained elusive.

Stopping off at the Sorrento Quay and Hillarys Boat Harbour, a pretty shopping centre on a harbour with a wealth of restaurants, gave us a chance to admire the white sand again.

Then a slow walk back along Quinns beach to Chippys Beach Shack for a delicious fish and chips to watch the sunset. It doesn't get much better than that!



  1. It has always been a dream of mine to see kangaroos in the wild instead of a zoo, so lucky you.

    1. Luckily they all sat fairly still unlike the birds which were far too quick!

  2. Another amazing tour, it was wonderful to see the wildlife in their natural habitat.