Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Ups and Downs near the City


Lovely to see you.

Only a short drive away to the East of the City Centre in Perth, WA, you can get away from it all in the hills at Lesmurdie Falls National Park.  The waterfalls are especially spectacular in Spring but even in the Autumn, the water was flowing on the Darling Range Escarpment.  The rocks were very colourful and the vegetation was much more dry, sharp and scratchy to that down South.  A walkway descends steeply next to the 50 m falls to a picnic area and there are several trails to follow.  From the top you can see the City in the distance.

Another place that gives a great view is the Zig Zag Drive in Kalamunda.  No photos due to the hairpin bends and closed eyes!! I wasn't driving. Ha! It used to by a railway line used to transport timber but was turned into a very narrow road, which fortunately is one way only.

One of the wonderful lookouts, also high up in the hills is on Reabold Hill, 85 m up, from where you can look over the banksias to the City and to the Swan River in the distance.

Meanwhile, sitting on the Swan are several pelicans!


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