Thursday, 8 June 2017



Thanks for calling in.

We've been let loose on the train system for a day trip to Fremantle, Freo, just 25 minutes west of Perth, at the mouth If the Swan River.

Being the chief port of Western Australia, we could see the large container ships with stacks of colourful containers and cruise ships in the harbour as we pulled into the station.  Time to wander round the city which is pretty much unchanged since it was built.

Plenty of colonial buildings give Fremantle a  distinctive style.

At the end of the High Street is the Round House which was built as a gaol in 1830, however when the first 75 convicts arrived from Britain, it was too small so they were put to work building a larger gaol, Fremantle Prison.

Round House

Fremantle Prison
The Prison, seen through the outer gate, was used as a prison until 1991, now you can take a tour around.
Bathers Beach is just a short walk away. . .

. . . the walk continues past the fishing boat harbour

Replica  17th Century Dutch sailing ship Duyfken
WA Maritime Museum

submarine at the Museum

Time to stop off at Little Creatures Brewery for a snack. Yum!

Just one more post from Australia to go!



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  2. Fremantle definitely looks like my kind of place. Love the old colonial buildings. And that beach. Wonderful. You certainly made the most of your time in Australia. B x

    1. We enjoyed so many different places, the camera didn't stop as round every corner was something different.

  3. What an amazing tour, the holiday of a lifetime.