Thursday, 1 June 2017

Babies on the Bank


Thanks for dropping in.

I couldn't resist showing you the park by the shops after the thrombolites of yesterday just to show how versatile I can be if I put my mind to it!

There's been a lot of hard work going on as, no sooner than the primulas were planted, they bloomed, they died and they were dug up. Just like that. Mind you they did look fabulous, didn't they. Now the gardeners are going full out with the summer scheme of cosmos and marigolds, back breaking stuff.

The bog irises next to the fountain burst with sunshine.

The side path and rose arch look great . . .

. . . whilst there's been a baby boom on the bank.

How do the Egyptian goslings know that the man with the bag is carrying lots of bread?  How did they know I didn't have any?

 Let's go inside to see the exhibitions.

Quilted blocks . . .

Prints . . .

and, well, what do you make of this?

Alexandra Hughes' Letting Things Be Uncertain here's the website information:

Physically interrogating the photograph, Hughes creates mysterious and embodied sites of wilderness. The installation in the gallery, and the commissioned work set within the grounds, reflects on the human relationship to environments through the mediation of technology and seemingly immaterial, ubiquitous photographic images in the current digital age. Hughes’ attempts to reverse a sense of visual distancing, pulling image and matter from disparate environments, resulting in a sense of fluidity, permeability and fragmentation that blur the boundaries between landscape, technology, psychological and architectural spaces.

So there we are!

Back to Australia tomorrow.



  1. I love English gardens! The ducklings - so cute!

  2. Loved seeing the babies on the bank and the beautiful garden. Not sure what to make of the display letting things be...

    1. I know what you mean! So many baby birds this year.

  3. What beautiful gardens! You've seen some really great places. Some day... some day! :)

    1. Well this garden is in the UK, that might be easier. More gardens to come . . .

  4. The park is looking lovely and it's great to see the goslings and cygnets:)

    1. I can't wait for the border to start, there's only rock roses there at the moment.