Wednesday, 31 May 2017



Thanks for popping in.

We're on the return journey from our road trip from Perth to the South and are stopping off to look at the thrombolites as we are so close by.

Within Yalgorup National Park near Mandurah, we are heading for Lake Clifton which has the rock-like thrombolites at the Eastern edge of the lake .  They are built by microorganisms too small for the human eye to see.  It is hard to believe that within the structures are living communities of diverse inhabitants with population densities of 3,000 per square metre.   These microorganisms resemble the earliest forms of life on Earth and were the only known form of life on Earth from 650 million to 3,500 million years ago.  They constructed extensive reef tracts in the clear, shallow seas rivalling modern coral reefs.

Nowadays, living examples of thrombolites and stromatolites, similar microorganisms found in Shark Bay, are only found in a few places in the world.

Fancy that.



  1. Wow! Those are fascinating thanks for posting them I'd not seen them before. X

  2. That really was fascinating, I would certainly like to know more.

  3. How interesting! :) Hope you have enjoyed your trip. I need to get caught up as I have been gone a few days.

    1. Hope you had a great time. There's still more on Australia to come . .