Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Road Trip


Thanks for calling in.

Having got to grips with Perth and all being well, the bags were packed and we're off to experience the Road Trip.  First stop is Albany on the Southern Ocean, 416 km away.  We turned on to the nearest main road at Perth - Albany Highway - and that was it, one road all the way there.  A straight, straight, straight road.  No cars. No houses. Lots of trees.  Lots of farms. Maybe the odd traffic light or road turning off. Straight, straight, straight. It's mesmerising, hypnotic.

Halfway there, we make a stopover at Wagin to see the Giant Ram, well you would wouldn't you, and have a look round the town.

A bit further on, we arrive at Kojonup for refreshments at the World Famous Kojonup Bakery.

Only another 1 hour and 40 minutes to go.

See you when we get there.


  1. It must be strange to have a road that just goes on forever. We are so used to our many crooked British ones :). B x

    1. I'm now finding it far too busy and congested over here, there are cars everywhere, where's it going to end? x

  2. That is a giant ram isn't it? Mile after mile of long straignt roads must get quite disorientting:)

    1. I'm sure I would have dropped off after a while if I'd been driving.