Saturday, 20 May 2017

Anzac Centre


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We're in Albany on the Southern Ocean coast of Australia and today we're calling in to the National Anzac Centre, which was built in 2014 to honour the 40,000 plus enlisted members of the Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought in WW1.

Anzac Day falls on 25th April and is a National Holiday in Australia, with marches and services around the country.  The Centre uses multimedia, interactive technology and historical artefacts which gives a personal connection to the past.  I particularly liked the fact that you were given a specific person to follow through the war.

The building overlooks King George Sound in Albany from whence the convoys left to go to Europe and on to Gallipoli

Here's my soldier - Trooper  Charles Livingstone of the 6th Australian Light Horse Regiment, AIF

I was so relieved to see that he survived the war unlike so many others.

There was a lot of information about him plus letters and artefacts.

This is a tribute to those that fell, their names are recorded under the water which rolls towards to the sea outside the building.

Outside the building, there is much to explore including memorials and lookouts plus a cafe and shop.
Memorials around the areas we visited were garlanded with flowers and even knitted poppies.

We will remember them.



  1. Following one soldier is a really good way to learn about the reality of war and all it brings. What a wonderful place to remember those lost, those wounded and those whose experiences stayed with them for a lifetime:)

    1. It was a very moving place and so well done.

  2. Ohh you are seeing loads of places I've not been to, this looks fabulous!
    Wren x