Monday, 10 April 2017

Street art


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Have you been to London to see the street art?  It's become quite a thing.  You can take a tour and everything.  I made a note of the names of streets in the area known for it and headed in to see what was what.  

It's all over the place and constantly changing with new things cropping up all the time, others being painted over.  Artists come from all over the world to deliver their message.

How do the artists paint such large pictures secretly as although tolerated in London it is still illegal?  If they are painted at night, how can they see what they are doing? 

This post has a flavour of the area and as I couldn't stop taking photos, there will be another post with some more!

Belgian Artist ROA's crane

The locals were just going about their business not taking any notice of the riot of colour around them. They'd seen it all before.

All down the road every square inch was plastered with colour. I found myself thinking how annoying it was when someone had sprayed something else on top of a particularly good artwork.

This gentleman looks like he'll be run over imminently while he checks his shopping list on the pavement.

I took the photo below as I liked the colourful gate. It wasn't until I looked at the photo that I saw the enormous black and white face!

Its not just paintings either, a car with a green monster plus a pink animal up on the roof was part of the display.

Colour, colour, colour.

I'm not sure what I'd think if it was all over a thatched cottage. It's all a bit untidy but it certainly is great fun exploring.

Back again with some more soon.



  1. Cool art! You are right, it looks like the guy is checking his list while in the middle of the road. We have a small town near our farm that has painted walls on the old buildings too, it is a draw for visitors to this tiny old town. Wittenberg, Wisconsin - Walls of Wittenberg. Nothing as large scale as those...but, the locals love it here.

    1. I'll have to look it up on the internet. There's some great ideas both big and small.

  2. The crane is amazing. I don't know how you would paint that either secretly or at night:)

    1. It's so big and just pops out at you when you least expect it!

  3. Some of it is quite amazing, some annoying, loved your photos.

    1. I wouldn't like it on my house but in that setting it sort of works.