Friday, 14 April 2017

Five on Good Friday - Easter


Thanks for calling in on this Good Friday as we link up with FAST, which seems particularly appropriate!

My colourful five will look forward to the Easter celebration this weekend when hopefully you will enjoy a well deserved rest, fun with the family and joy in your hearts.

One - Eggs

Here's our glorious collection of painted eggs, some wooden and some blown real eggs. I like the ones with the pushy willows on but then the stripy ones are gorgeous, it's  no good, I love them all!

A couple of chocolate eggs for two special people!

Two - Cards

I like to send Easter cards to family abroad just to keep in touch and let them know I am thinking about them.

Three - Chickens

We've all got lots of chickens, right? So irresistible, there's always room for an extra chick.

And rabbits of course.

This chick cheeps when it's  battery is inserted.  A pirate hat made by Mr CK completes its outfit. Why? Every chick needs a pirate hat.

Four - Flowers

We all love the arrival of Spring, heralding the new. These were still going in the garden.

Five -  Crochet

My Spring wreath is back on the wall, thanks to Lucy at Attic24 of course.  How I love making all those twidly bits.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter.

Many thanks to Tricky and Carly.



  1. I do like your basket of colourful eggs, aren't they pretty? Of course, nothing says Easter more than a cute little chick or bunny. Enjoy the weekend.

  2. All I have is some sprigs from the willow tree (prunings really) with a few small polystyrene eggs hanging from them. They are just starting to burst into leaf - unlike the tree itself, which is well in leaf now.

  3. Lovely Five on Friday. The eggs look really colourful. I love chocolate Easter eggs. I really miss them as they don't make them over here. It seems more like a toy holiday - when did it get that way?

    Lovely to see the flowers.

  4. Happy Easter! What a lovely collection of Easter decorations you have. Lucy's Spring wreath is beautiful and I love the hand painted eggs too.

  5. Lucy has such wonderful projects and she is so generous sharing them. You are all set for Easter. Love the eggs and the chicks (especially the pirate) are too cute! Love the garden in the spring. Happy Friday! Happy Easter!

  6. Love your Easter decorations, the chick with pirate hat is perfect! Hope you have a Happy Easter.

  7. Your painted eggs are so pretty and who can resist a bunny or chick at this time of year. Have a lovely Easter weekend:)

  8. Happy Easter to you! Love those eggs especially xx

  9. I see that you are all ready for Easter!! Me, too... what little I will do. But, aren't we glad that Easter is in the springtime? A renewal all the way around.

  10. Thanks for the very perky five this week. That little chick is cuter than a bug.

  11. The eggs are just wonderful! Such beautiful decorations! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  12. Love this colorful post. So nice to see how holidays are celebrated in other parts of the world. Easter cards are beautiful. Kudos to you for helping to keep the tradition of greeting cards alive.

    Easter blessings.

  13. Happy Easter to you too! i love all your pretty decorations, especially the eggs and bunnies. It seems that Easter cards aren't as popular as they used to be - I love them, but hardly anyone I know sends them any more x

  14. Every chick DOES need a pirate hat, I'm going to have to make some and see if our chickens will let me put them on them!

    Thanks for joining in this week with Five on Friday, hope you had a great Bank Holiday Weekend :)