Friday, 21 April 2017

Five on Friday - Bees without Bees


Welcome to the blog for Five on Friday with FAST.  Don't the weeks just fly by!

As we have spent our time up in London with the last few blog posts, I thought we needed to get back to nature with five things beginning with B.

One - Butterfly

Here's a Peacock butterfly sitting on the grass.
If you would like to make a butterfly, here's a link to a website if you feel like making one like this:

Two - Bluebells

There's nothing like a carpet of bluebells beneath the trees.

Follow this link to make a crochet bluebell like this.

Three - Blooms

These particular blooms are auriculas which come in many beautiful colours.

How about being inspired to make some felt ones like the Linen Cat, have a look here.

Four - Blossom

Always a treat to see the blossom knowing that it will be replaced by apples later in the year.

If you can't wait, how about making some felt fruit, like these by Bugs and Fishes.

Five - Birds

A colourful mandarin duck on the lake, what wonderful colouring.

How about a crocheted one?  Now there's a challenge I'll leave up to you!

Many thanks Tricky and Carly.



  1. Lovely! I like all the handmade versions too x

  2. Love the crocheted flowers and felted fruit. Some day when I finally finish my cross-stitch project- which is taking forever- I would like to try the flowers.

  3. Lovely and inspiring too.
    Cathy x

  4. Fun "B's"! And love the handmade versions -- thanks for the links. Happy Friday!

  5. I THINK the bluebell is actually a harebell - but that's OK cos I prefer them. They are so much more delicate. I might have a go at making some.

  6. Looks like great fun to make all those lovely signs of spring in felt and fabrics. Love the bluebells and auriculas:)

  7. Love your post! Like the way you share each thing in a different format. The butterfly is beautiful! Really love those felt flowers...and the originals are just the same!

  8. Love the auriculars. So beautiful. Lots of lovely crafty ideas, very inspiring. I'm a bit bogged down with a cardigan at the moment. B x

  9. Enjoyed all your pictures. The Bluebelles are very pretty.

  10. SO many Beautiful things beginning with B :)