Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Cereal Killer Cafe, Shoreditch


Lovely to see you.

Doing a bit of research before my trip to London, I came across the Cereal Killer Cafe.  What a name, especially in the area where Jack the Ripper killed some of his victims. This needed a bit of investigation.

The colourful displays as you enter the shop showed you exactly what was on sale.  They stock over 100 different breakfast cereals from all over the world and you can add to this a choice of 30 different milks and 20 different toppings.  Certainly the place for the cereal connoisseur if not the person seeking a healthy diet.  My coffee was great and it was interesting watching people call in and order their breakfast.

Here's the cafe, no glass in the windows!

You never know what you will find in London!



  1. What an intriguing place. The building looks very old. Fabulous if you are a cereal fan :). B x

  2. I love the outside of the shop with no windows, just like the old mediaeval shops. There seems to be every cereal you can think of inside:)

  3. What a weirdly wonderful looking place, love the name. The only thing I want for breakfast is coffee an toast. Nothing sweet.

  4. What a great shop! Love the name! I love cereal, but these days it mostly consists of whole bran types :) When I was a child those unhealthy cereals were a special treat for us. I loved Fruit Loops! x K