Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Still a Bit Frosty at the Park


How are you doing?

I've been back at the park by the shops where it's been quite bright and blue but with a touch of frost.

There have been a few changes since my last visit, look.

The small clumps of daffodils by the car park are now out giving a welcoming sight to all who arrive, whether for a walk, a chat or a course in the Arts Centre.

This tree on top of the hill dividing the gardens from a neighbourhood shopping centre, always looks magnificent whatever the weather.  It's leftover from the heyday of the park and its stately home, when it belonged to Prime Minister George Canning who holds the record for being the one holding office for the shortest time - 119 days.  He commissioned Sir John Soane to make alterations to the house. That was before further remodelling took place and the Park moved from family to family.

It was quite cold, even frosty as can be seen on these leaves. It's  the price to pay for the bright blue skies.

You would think I was on my own but the dog walkers had done their walk and had collected on the steps enjoying a welcome cup of coffee, dogs rushing about and checking out any strangers.

No doubt at the weekend, these tables would be packed with chatting friends enjoying the sun and pleasant surroundings. Maybe a couple would be having their wedding photos taken, confetti flying.

In the lakes the reflections  were disturbed by the wildlife swimming up and down. The sparkling spots were almost too bright for my sunglassed eyes and there was the tiniest glimpse of a rainbow in the fountain. Ah, happy days.

What a difference a bit of blue makes!



  1. What a beautiful day for a walk.

  2. The park looks lovely in the cool, Spring sunshine. Lovely to see the daffodils and crocus:)

    1. Things are really coming to life there now, I even managed a coffee in the sunshine one afternoon. 😊