Monday, 6 March 2017

Crochet Galore


It's time for a bit of crochet. In fact it's musical flowers as I experiment with a few photos in the garden.

On the moss . . .

on the heather . . .

in a pile . . .

whoops . . . in a muddle . . .

on a scarf.

I'm going to convert the flowers into squares and then join them altogether but I'll have to buy some more wool for that.  The flowers themselves were so easy to make, even on a train and at the station. No eyes were poked at all.

24 trebles into a 4 chain ring gives the inner circle, slip stitched closed.

Chain 3, miss 2 and then slip stitch to third stitch of previous row, repeated 8 times gives you 8 loops.

Chain 3, treble into loop, chain 2, treble into same loop, treble into stitch between loops and continue with treble, 2 chain, treble and treble in between loops all the way round.

Finally 8 trebles into each loop plus a slip stitch in between loops.

Easy! Maybe unintelligible though.

I've also used up some small lengths of wool on these tiny squares.

Also on the go is this colourful blanket which I showed you a couple of week ago.

So a lot going on wool-wise and while I was in the garden I couldn't resist a photo of the daffs.




  1. Love the crochet flowers and your colour scheme. I look forward to seeing them in a blanket. Haven't done any crochet since last summer. Still well and truly stuck into sock knitting mode :). B x

    1. Your family is certainly keeping you busy making socks, they do look wonderfully cosy. x

  2. Super crochet flowers, they look so pretty. especially on the heather. The blanket is pretty too. Lovely to see the daffodils:)

    1. Thanks. I must order some wool to join them together. 😊

  3. Replies
    1. They work well together don't they. Good old Stylecraft.

  4. These are pretty and on this dreary, overcast day I'm glad you shared some cheery daffodils.

    1. Your weather sounds worse than ours and the bright yellow daffs are always a sight worth seeing.