Monday, 20 February 2017

Unravel 2017


Thanks for calling in.

Unravel - a Festival of Knitting - took place in Farnham over the weekend, this is the 9th year it's been on and it's the first year I've noticed it was on and visited.

Farnham Maltings was crammed full of wool in all the colours of the rainbow and more. A bunch of excited ladies were thrilled as they jostled from stall to stall imagining all the things they would make. There were talks and workshops too,  How does Knitting in the Round with Woolly Wormhead or Stranded Knitting with Juju Vail sound? I know.

You sock knitters would have gone wild with the choice and would have socks coming out of your ears with all the temptation.

Yarnbombs outside the venue

Janie Crow had a stand displaying her beautiful designs

Sincerely Louise with her woolly taxidermy

Fabulous textures from the magazine Selvedge. Do zoom in, it's all fantastic and costs a fortune.

Most wool sold was in hanks like those at the front

La La With Love Recycled & Sustainable Yarns

Part of the knitted bird display
In case you're keen to see the list of exhibitors, here's a link. I went to the talk by Kate Jenkins which I'll tell you about next time.



  1. Looks amazing, what a great day out.

  2. What colourful displays. I love the knitted bird feeder and birds:)

    1. Aren't they great. Good for boosting the Great Garden Birdwatch numbers, in the woolly section of course! 😊

  3. I bet you enjoyed yourself with all that lovely wool. Did you buy any sock wool? B x

    1. I haven't ventured into the world of sock making yet but it seems everyone else is there already. So many hand dyed options looked stunning though, I'm not sure how I resisted. x